Scorpion Pose : A Beginners Guide

Recently, I had the chance to observe Surya Yoga intermediate students learning the Scorpion pose. It was Foo’s evening-intermediate class. Foo (one of our dedicated instructors) is quite adventurous, and I find him rather inspiring. His classes are challenging, but somehow his sense of humor and cheeky smile make many students believe that in time even the most challenging poses can be achieved.

As I watched them practice, one or two students managed to get in the Scorpion pose. Being curious, I google-ed the way to achieve the Scorpion pose, and I have stashed all the knowledge I’ve found into this blogpost.

Scorpion Pose Steps

Benefits of Scorpion Pose

  • Strengthens the torso, back, arms and shoulders
  • Improves your sense of balance
  • Improving the flexibility of the spine
  • Builds stamina and endurance
  • Enhances blood flow to the brain improving memory and concentration
  • Stimulates the hair follicles within the scalp (hair loss prevention)
  • Release accumulated stress within the shoulders and spine

Let’s do it!

Only attempt Scorpion pose under the guidance of a yoga teacher if it is your first time. If you’ve got a history of heart condition or suffer from any hip or back problems – this pose isn’t recommended

Step 1: The Basics

As we all know, Yoga is all about practice. For beginners like me, it is best to specialize in 3 things before attempting the Scorpion pose – Strength, Flexibility, and Trust.

To create better shoulder strength, the Dolphin pose is vital. The simplest way to start is with the Dolphin pushups! We begin with the Dolphin pose then bring the shoulders over the wrists into a Dolphin plank. Start with sets of 10 and build it up over time to sets of 20 and 30.

Dolphin Pose for beginners

Dolphin Pose


Dolphin Plank for beginners

Dolphin Plank

Create flexibility with the Camel pose. It exposes the guts and lumbar spine, which is required to realize the Scorpion pose. Try holding the Camel pose for 5-10 breaths. Have you ever tried falling back to Camel pose? Falling back to Camel pose requires trust and a way of fearlessness, which brings me to the last essential step – Trust.

Camel Pose

Camel Pose

Trust yourself. Sometimes we paralyze ourselves with anxiety and fear. It is time to interrupt free from fear. You’ll be surprised how the teachings we learn on our yoga mat are often applied to the real world. Trust is vital in any inversion practice. You would like to figure on your headstand and headstand variations to realize the Scorpion pose.



Step 2: Wall assisted Scorpion pose

Before attempting the Scorpion pose, use a wall to practice first. I found a very good video with instructions on the way to roll in the hay.

Step 3: Forearm stand

From my research, you would like to figure on your forearm stand (without the wall) to urge into the Scorpion pose. I found another excellent video on YouTube on the way to roll in the hay.

Step 4: Forearm stand Scorpion pose

  1. Start with Dolphin pose.
  2. Inhale and lift your right leg into the air as high as you’ll into the Three-legged Downward Facing Dog pose.
  3. Slowly kick the raised leg backward and lift the opposite leg off the ground. Your entire weight is now on your palms, forearms, and elbows.
  4. Center yourself. Balance.
  5. Arch your back and slowly bring your feet as close as possible to your head by bending your knees. Use your core to take care of the balance.
  6. Keep your head facing front, together with your eyes focused on an imaginary point on the ground ahead of your arms.
  7. Hold.
  8. Exhale and slowly come to the starting position.

This video shows how to transform from Forearm stand to Scorpion Pose.

So this is often my compilation of Scorpion pose how to’s. Like all things, it takes effort, time, and discipline to realize anything. Make sure not to push yourself too hard physically. Work your high from the fundamentals.

So it is time to require the sting out of scorpion pose! Want to offer it a go?

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