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Cinnamon Bananas: A Healthy Breakfast Recipe

The next time you crave something sweet for the breakfast, try Cinnamon Bananas. It’s similar to Bananas Flambe, but is low in calories. The honey in this recipe enhances the taste of bananas, as caramelizing draws out

The Bitch Factor. How to be successful and happy at the same time

Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren’t happy, why so? Mainly it’s true for women; it seems the more we achieve, the more anxious we become. This anomaly scared me for a long time, I

Baked Chicken recipe to die for!

Today I’m here with the juiciest chicken ever! It takes 30 minutes to make this Baked Brown Sugar Garlic Chicken. This perfect process makes the chicken crisp-tender. This recipe balances the sweet and savory perfectly, your kids

King of Oils: 19 Wonderful Benefits of Frankincense Oil

Have you tried the amazing frankincense oil yet? This oil is called the King of Oils due to its abundant healing properties. Now, here are various medicinal uses of this incredible essential oil: Boosts immune system Massage

3 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Self-worth

For centuries, female energy was suppressed, and clearly, we define a woman by certain things and we bind her strictly by them. It all is sensible, but the question is: what can we do today, in our