King of Oils: 19 Wonderful Benefits of Frankincense Oil

Have you tried the amazing frankincense oil yet? This oil is called the King of Oils due to its abundant healing properties.
Now, here are various medicinal uses of this incredible essential oil:

Boosts immune system

Massage your feet with few drops of oil daily to increase body immunity.

Removes moles, skin tags, and warts

Apply one drop on the affected areas three times daily.

Reduces stress and anxiety

It is rich in chemicals that relieve stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and brings positivity in your life.

King of Oils: 19 Diverse uses of Frankincense Oil

Helps with headaches and migraines

Frankincense oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that relieve migraines and headaches.

Helps with Congestion and Suppresses Coughing

Frankincense oil effectively treats respiratory problems, like coughs, and asthma. Add six drops of this oil in a bowl full of hot water and cover your head and face with a towel and inhale the vapors to get rid of Cough and Congestion in the throat.

Relieve joint pain and swelling

This potent anti-inflammatory agent relieves muscle aches and joint pain and stimulates blood circulation.

Helps with acne

To eliminate acne and stop new breakouts, dab one drop on the acne-prone areas in the morning and before bedtime.

Neurological Support

It has powerful cerebrum recuperating capacities because it carries oxygen to the brain. Moreover, it’s rich in sesquiterpenes, which boost the amount of oxygen within the brain by up to twenty-eight percent.

Relieves itching

To soothe itching, apply a drop of this oil to the affected area.

Help with wounds from cuts, scrapes, and burns

For best effects, apply lavender essential oil to the affected area, then layer Frankincense on top, this may soothe burns, cuts, and scrapes.

Hormones and Memory

It boosts memory and balances your hormones.

Reduces wrinkles

It is a strong astringent, that firms the skin and reduces wrinkles. To support the formation of the new cells, and nourish the old ones, apply it to the skin mixed with some unscented oil, like copra oil.

Reduce and fade scars

This essential oil improves skin cells’ health and regrowth. It accelerates the healing process and reduces scars. Mix it with some copra oil and apply it directly to the skin.

Detoxifies the air

Frankincense oil destroys germs and bacteria and purifies the air.

Enhances the efficacy of other essential oils

To boost the effectiveness of other essential oils, and support its deeper absorption into the skin, layer it over the other essential oil.


The powerful aroma of this essential oil relaxes you and reduces negativity in life.

Helps with vision

To boost the clarity of your vision and focus better, rub 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil onto the temples.

Oral Health

Frankincense oil heals plaque-induced gingivitis and helps you fight bad breath.

Enhances sleep

To improve quality of sleep, slow down your breath, and relieve anxiety and nervous tension, diffuse frankincense at bedtime.

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