21 Flat Belly Tips that are perfect for Women over 40

In your busy life, do you have the time to make healthy food in your kitchen? So you resort to eating processed or fast foods, at what cost? You soon observe you are gaining weight and losing shape. Here are some tips to regain your flat belly and perfect body shape.

1. Eat Clean

Make sure you are eating healthy foods with no harmful additives. Eating clean food is equally important as working out daily to reduce belly fat.

2. Watch Portion Sizes

Watch how much you eat. Chew your food carefully and eat just enough to keep your body going. Eat whole foods that give energy sufficient for the entire day. Never neglect your hunger.

3. Say No! to Soda

Sodas are the culprit of belly fat. They are full of refined sugars or artificial sweeteners or both.

4. Rev up your Cardio

Regular cardio exercise not only helps reduce body fat but also prevents various diseases like Heart disease and certain cancers. Out of different types of cardio exercises, Interval training works the best.

5. Snack Regularly

Snacking regularly prevents you from over-eating the meals. It also helps keep you energized throughout the day.

6. Keep a Food Journal

Track what you eat by keeping a food journal. You will get an idea of your food intake i.e., if it’s healthy or not. You can improve your eating habits by working closely with a food journal. Write down every detail about the six meals of your day, along with the caloric intake. You’ll see amazing results and know exactly what to eat for effective weight loss in a month.

7. Manage Stress

It is proven that stress causes abnormality in body metabolism. A person suffering from stress tends to eat a lot.

8. Work Every Angle

Make sure all the muscles of your body are getting attention in exercises. Total body workouts are important to burn a good number of calories.

9. Fiber Intake

Avoid bloating by increasing fiber intake. Quinoa is a fantastic food that’s rich with proteins and fiber. It makes a perfect meal for those trying to lose weight.

10. Sleep tight!

Sleeping well is essential for the right body metabolism. Your body repairs itself and removes while you are sleeping.

11. Drink Green Tea

As we all know green tea is a super food. It helps burn calories and fat with the help of abundant Anti-oxidants and Catechins.

12. Plank Exercises

Plank exercises are the best core exercises that do not require any equipment and can be modified to your purpose easily. To make the exercise fun, do it in the living room while listening to music.

13. Watch Sugar Intake

Refined sugars are not at all useful to your body but they can be harmful if taken in excess. They increase your caloric intake drastically.

14. Walk More

Walking is underrated. It helps to burn fat and doesn’t need any special equipment. Try walking at a fast pace for 30 minutes a day to see desired results. If you get bored of walking, do jogging.

15. Watch Those Carbs

Not all complex carbohydrates are essential to your body and some need to be skipped as they can harm your body. Foods like white bread, pastries and candy give you many calories and negligible nutrients. Choose foods with low carbs and good nutritional values.

16. Keep Sodium in Check

Excess intake of water leads to bloating and body retains more water than needed. To keep sodium intake in check, its better to cook in your kitchen thus avoiding highly processed foods.

17. Tabata

Tabata is one of the most popular forms of high intensity interval training which helps tone up your body and burn excess fat. This specialized workout allows you to burn calories through out the day.

18. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly has many benefits. It helps reduce bloating and body fat eventually. Your brain takes 20 minutes to inform you if you are full, so take your time and eat consciously.

19. Become a Probiotic Pro

Probiotics like Kefir and Yogurt contain useful bacteria that kill the harmful microbes in our digestive system. These probiotics help prevent infections and bloating.

20. Ditch the Diet Foods

Diet foods may sound healthy but actually they are not. They fail to nourish your body completely due to lack of essential nutrients.

21. Laugh More

Scientists say that people who laugh more are thinner than those who don’t. Laughter not only engages stomach muscles and burns calories, but also reduces stress which further helps in keeping body fat down.

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