The Bitch Factor. How to be successful and happy at the same time

Often we feel strong, achieve results, but still aren’t happy, why so? Mainly it’s true for women; it seems the more we achieve, the more anxious we become. This anomaly scared me for a long time, I observed successful women and thought: Would I be as angry, irritated, unhappy as them???!! God, no.

Should I sacrifice my goals to be happy or have good relationships??! What a scary thought. But let me assure you, we do not need to. We can have success and love, great achievements, and happiness simultaneously. The reason why we see such chaos in the world is, women forgot about their OWN strength. We survive male energies without realizing it, and it exhausts us. Read on to find out how to get yourself out of this chaos.

Signs of Feminine character suppression

1) You’re constantly worried.

2) You don’t believe any other person can do a better job than you at any and all kinds of chores.

3) Sometimes you do trust ’em, but they mess things up.

4) You often feel exhausted and feel too much pressure.

5) You take responsibility for everyone’s well-being.

6) You get angry at people often.

7) Your sexual life is more mechanical, not heartful lovemaking.

8) You can not relax anymore, there’ll always be something on your mind.

9) You feel that no man is good enough for you.

10) Some “girl-talks” can irritate you.

The Bitch Factor. How to be successful and happy at the same time

Signs of your Feminine energy imbalance:

1) You depend on your emotions.

2) You often feel lonely.

3) You seek constant attention from people around you.

4) You experience “heavy” emotions.

5) You are over-emotional

6) You are often too sensitive in a negative way

5 Steps to Balance:

Explore yourself

Female energy is Introspective. Once we explore our inner world, show some attention, respect, and appreciation for it, we connect with the strength, depth, and wonder of the feminine energy.

Achieve this through:


A Walk-in nature,

Hot bath


Any creativity you only enjoy (drawing, coloring, dancing, etc…)

Find a balance between giving and receiving.

Often women break the balance, we are stereotyped with giving only. We exhaust ourselves, struggle to seek out time for self-care.

How to be successful and happy at the same time

Don’t be shy to try things out

Female energy is chaotic and Dissipated in its pure form. It’s OK for us to be a lil’ “flying within the sky sometimes.” It helps us to know our souls deeper and be more productive.

How to do this:

PLAY. Start enjoying silly things and stop restraining yourself.

When I allowed myself to play, I felt free. Researches now discovered that playtime is important for the brain even at adult stages.

Embrace your natural sexuality

Sexual energy is creative energy, once we embrace the gift of sexuality, we’ve more energy and find ourselves arising with more creative approaches and decisions.

Embrace your sensitivity

Female energy is emotional, our emotions make life brighter and happier.

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