9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States alone. On average, 1 in every 4 adults you meet suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately, this disorder is usually seen as something to be embarrassed about and hidden from people.

Many people live their whole life with anxiety, never taking the right steps to deal with it and look after themselves. However, it’s actually incredibly common and is quickly becoming a subject that’s being openly talked about. Below are 9 signs that might indicate anxiety!

You are worried about everything!

Everything in your life seems to be out of place!

You worry about your job, other’s perceptions of you, the well-being of relations, every-day tasks, and even things that haven’t even happened yet!

Do you ever end up brooding about your future and creating scenarios of the way things will play out – even before they even happen?

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

Your over-worrying actually interferes with your life.

Does this make you feel overly-fatigued and weak sometimes?

If your worries are negatively effecting your lifestyle, this is often a key sign that you could be suffering from anxiety.

You’ve got Gut Problems

…stomach pains, nausea, constipation, acid reflux, excess gas, bloating, UTI’s, etc.

Anxiety and stress can seriously throw off your gut health!

If you’re unaware that you could also be affected by anxiety, you’ll start to believe that you have some serious medical condition that must be diagnosed!

The problem is, the longer you allow your anxiety undiagnosed, your body will still have worsening symptoms.

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

You’ve got some weird habits

…picking your nails, lecture yourself, loudly tapping your fingers, shaking your legs up and down, randomly spacing out, etc.

Have you ever noticed that when something causes you to feel uncomfortable, you suddenly start doing some small, quirky action?

Something has triggered your anxiety and your body’s reaction is to trigger that stress-related action.

Anxiety cure tips

Muscle tension is normal

Do you end up tightening your jaw, tightening your shoulders, and clenching up your fists?

Have you ever noticed that your whole body has become tense – which has become the new norm?

Muscle tension can cause tons of health problems – one of them being severe headaches.

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

If you notice that you simply are affected by a knotted neck or back, consider getting a deep tissue massage several times a month. this may encourage proper posture and help relieve the knots which will be causing your headaches.

Your breathing changes randomly

Your anxiety just got triggered – and your breathing pattern completely changes.

Perhaps you begin breathing only out of your mouth.

Or maybe you begin aggressively inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Sometimes, your chest will tighten, your throat will close off, and it causes you to desire you aren’t inhaling enough air.

If your breathing is beginning to become an obsession, this might be a symbol of hysteria.

Seeking professional assistance is an absolute necessity! No amount of online articles can cure an acute mental disorder.

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

Your mind never relaxes

You may be having the most amazing, relaxing day of your life.

And suddenly, your mind starts brooding about everything that’s concerning in life.

It’s like your mind’s warning system won’t shut up – EVER!

You are always over-thinking everything in life that’s arising – whether it’s stressful or not.

Even if it isn’t alleged to stress you out, it does!

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

You randomly get compulsive

You need to re-decorate everything! Your whole closet must get organized and tons of things thrown out! You would like to deep-clean your whole house otherwise you will go crazy.

Out of the blue, you absolutely got to do something – and you can’t catch on out of your head!

If you can’t accomplish what you would like, you begin to feel anxious and irritable.

Although compulsive behavior may be a common symptom of hysteria, it can actually trigger your anxiety and make it far worse.

You constantly seek validation

If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll end up constantly questioning yourself.

Because of your worry and self-doubt, you constantly find the necessity to receive assurance and validation from people.

Are you making the proper decision? Is your fear of something rational? Is your job performance satisfactory?

9 Surprising Signs You May Have Anxiety

Although it’s completely natural for people to hunt validation, anxiety often causes you to never desire you’ve got received enough validation!

You find yourself constantly asking others if you’re thinking rationally – albeit you recognize it’ll only give you peace for a couple of minutes.

Suddenly, you’re emotional!

“Why am I crying? I shouldn’t feel this way!”

Emotion may be a normal response to worry and anxiety.

Perhaps you’ve got never cried previously, and suddenly, you discover yourself crying about everything. If you’re in a situation where you can’t cry (in public or at work), breathe deeply and try to relax. If you would like to cry, plow ahead and cry! Sometimes, tears have the ability to relax your mind.

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